“Green” offices are competing with traditional buildings

At the same time, optimization in management will help these "green" buildings cut operating costs compared to "traditional" office buildings.

According to Mr. Jackson, at present, new office buildings in the world are built in the "green" trend, based on 3 criteria: environmentally friendly - intelligent management - put people at the center. Achieving the above factors, the value of buildings is often highly valued, the value of growth is stable because the office environment here matches the real rental needs of companies and plays an important role in creating to an effective and creative working environment.

In line with the "green" criterion - friendly with the environment, these office buildings put less pressure on the environment by reducing waste and using resources reasonably while still meeting the real needs of human resources. here. This result is based on the building's ability to scientifically manage and optimize the use of air, water ...

The amount of electricity is also used less than "traditional" office areas thanks to smart design and the use of advanced equipment, high efficiency but less energy consumption. "Green" buildings also reduce greenhouse gas emissions to the environment and cause less pollution.

"The application of advanced technologies not only helps the" green "building to optimize the amount of resources used, but also improve the quality of the building's operation. creating a safe working environment, minimizing external risks without consuming too much manpower, "stressed Colliers Vietnam expert.

In addition, the activities in the building that are applied high technology also help optimize the operation of the elevator system, parking ... to suit different needs depending on certain times in day.

In "green" buildings, utilities are built and installed based on the actual needs of the human resources here. Thereby, truly put people at the center of the building. In fact, the resources in the building such as air and water are not only optimized for usage volume, but also controlled so that the level of pollution inside the building is always as low as possible. The air conditioning system is automated and integrated with sensors to measure the pollution index of the office. Since then, the "fresh" wind supply systems and toxic air intake are activated at the right time to ensure the health of workers.

In fact, prestigious real estate certificates such as LEED, WELL ... are built based on these criteria. Therefore, according to Mr. Jackson, "green" buildings always receive great attention from the market although the common ground rent will be higher than traditional buildings.

Ha Vy

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